The Working Group - Metal Window, Door, Gate and Curtain Walls (AMFT) was founded in 1976 according to § 16 Wirtschaftskammergesetz (i.e. the legal basis for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber-WKÖ). AMFT covers within the WKÖ the interests of the Austrian manufacturers of metal constructions supported by two organizations: the Federal Guild of Fitters and the Association of Metaltechnology Industries

AMFT has about 60 member companies, manufacturers as well as providers of aluminium profile systems, and glass producing companies.

Main areas of activity

  • The most important item is vocational matters.
    The AMFT initiates the revision and streamlining of the existing apprenticeships of the branch and the adjustment of the teaching curricula for technical colleges. The main focus in these matters is on preparing technical college courses in the branch sector.
  • Lobbying at the federal and provincial authorities.
    In that field, the AMFT is widely active, e.g. comments concerning guidelines, laws and directives, individual support of members in specific matters and legal information.
  • Information and advisory service to members as specific legal advice, technical evaluation,…
  • Work on Standards, including the participation in the working groups of the Austrian Standards Institute.
  • Member FAECF, co-operating partner EUROWINDOOR.

AMFT is also in close co-operation with the Aluminium-Fenster-Institut and the Austrian Association for Steel Engineering.

Leading Board

Marko BuxbaumerIng. A. Sauritschnig Alu-Stahl-Glas GmbH
Stefan FillFill Metallbau GmbH
Batoor KhanMetallbau Heidenbauer GmbH & Co. KG
Florian KlauraStarmann Metallbau GmbH
Wilhelm PichlerMetallbau Wastler GmbH & Co. KG
Andreas RennerHeinrich Renner GmbH
Harald SchinnerlSchinnerl Metallbau GmbH
Hans TritremmelALU-SOMMER GmbH


Anton Resch
Anton Resch
Berndt-Thomas Krafft
Berndt-Thomas Krafft
Sabine Voitiech
Sabine Voitiech

If you are interested in becoming a member of AMFT, please find an application form (download) on the page Mitglieder (Member Companies).